Chrissy Teigen Will Give You Dress Off Her Back If You Ask Nicely

Chrissy Teigen's confidence is clearly overflowing, because she's giving dresses away just for the asking. She's been making headlines with her Twitter, as always, but this time it's not for shading an unnamed movie or telling off her haters. Twitter user Rebecca Howe liked the red dress Teigen was wearing on a recent Lip Sync Battle episode. So she asked her for it.
And, like the cool celeb that she is, Teigen sent it to her.
Apparently it's just that simple. We hope this leads to a scenario in which Teigen is like the model Santa Claus, and flies around giving dresses to young women. Maybe she can just, like, throw shoes out of whatever car she drives. We're just spitballing here, we've never been employed at the North Pole. As far as you know.

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