Can You Guess What Movie Chrissy Teigen Is Shading?

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Let's play a fun game called: "What is the worst movie of 2016?" Earlier today, the Twitter star shared an embarrassing story with her followers, and accidentally ignited a deep dive into the worst movies of the year. Teigen writes that she was on an airplane and noticed that the man sitting next to her was watching a movie that she had hated. So naturally she told him that he had just "watched one of the worst films I've ever seen," only to realize that his niece is a lead in the film. Awk-ward.
Teigen shared the story to share a foot-in-mouth moment, but no one cared about her accidental rudeness. All Twitter wants to know is: What is the worst film she's ever seen? She gave only one clue to help out the internet sleuths.
And thus, the scavenger hunt started. So, what is the worst film Chrissy Teigen has ever seen? Here's what we know:
1. It has one female lead (the mystery man's niece).
2. It came out in 2016.
3. It was not well-received overall, since Teigen was so confident to share her distaste for the film.
4. It has a good cast.
5. It has been out of theaters long enough for it to be available on an airplane queue. The top choices, based on that criteria are: 1. Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising
2. Suicide Squad
3. Mother's Day
4. Bad Moms
All of the above movies came out in 2016, have a pretty good cast, and had pretty bad reviews. They also have women in them that could very well be someone's niece. Next we need to figure out which movies are current in-flight movies. Even though I myself just watched Bad Moms on a Delta flight from Atlanta to New York, it wasn't that bad. Mother's Day is also a Garry Marshall film, so everyone knows it's going to be cheesy from the start, something a cheeseball like Teigen would never shade. That leaves us with Suicide Squad and Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising. Both are listed as in-flight entertainment on various airlines (yes, I checked), both have an all-star cast, and both are again, pretty bad. However, from Teigen's words, she seems weirdly passionate about how much she hates the film. To hate Suicide Squad isn't anything out of the ordinary, but to accidentally shade Chloe Grace Moretz to her own damn uncle? That is cringe-worthy and hilarious. And totally Teigen. Moretz also has a big family, which means lots of potential uncles out there. So, based on this intense detective work, and the fact that I've seen all four of the films in question, the answer to the riddle is: Neighbors 2.
Thanks for playing.

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