That Time Blake Lively Basically Matched With Her Emoji Necklace

Many of our #OOTDs can be explained by our mood — whether it's a lazy day that translates into a sweatsuit, or a particularly nostalgic turn that has us layering our chokers. A fashion item can reflect your mood more literally. Sometimes, the message doesn't come across as clearly as we'd like, which is why we fall back on emojis to, well, illustrate how we feel. And, in a recent case of life imitating fashion, Blake Lively found herself basically mimicking her expressive accessories.
The actress posted a selfie of her neck adornments (a #neckfie?) yesterday, showing off her Alison Lou jewels. She wore the emotionally inscrutable Happy/Sad By The Yard chain under the MWA! pendant. It seems like the latter resonated more with Lively's mood at the time, as she matched her pout to the ruby lips on the kissy-faced emoji pendant — pink lipstick and all. We know the girl loves her jewels, and it seems Lively has found her match in Alison Lou's extra-expressive accessories. The appreciation is mutual, between jeweler and jewel-wearer. "I love seeing Blake in my jewelry," Lou told Refinery29. "She always makes it look so good!" It doesn't hurt that a thumbs up from a high-profile figure like Lively gives business a boost. "Whenever she wears something of mine, I definitely see more interest in the brand," she explained. "She has such a huge following, and has such stellar personal style that people love to covet whatever she is wearing." Lively's selfie speaks for itself, but she provided a caption anyhow: "You've proved emojis and respectability CAN coexist after all," she wrote. Hear, hear! Now, when are we going to get that face-palm emoji necklace, though?

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