These Slogan T-Shirts Are Too Drunk; They Need To Go Home

Right now, T-shirts with slogans are the first things we reach for when we're looking for something to wear with our jeans, skirts, culottes, over long-sleeve shirts, and under our slip dresses (so basically...everything). Maybe it was the rise of concert merch that led us to this point (looking at you, Bieber and Kanye Pablo). Maybe the Vetements DHL tee had a little something to do with it. Regardless, we can't get enough of graphic tees.

But along with all the off-kilter slogans and classic band and logo tees, there are others that are so quirky that they stop making sense. You may be familiar with the concept: What could have been a funny story three drinks ago can sometimes just become a word salad after that last beer-and-shot combo. Maybe it's time to call it a night.
In the slideshow ahead, we've gathered up all the absolutely wasted tees that won't make it out of the house today. Take a look for yourself before they've tucked themselves in.

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