Sound The Alarms — Apple’s New Emoji Are Here At Last

Photo: Courtesy Apple.
At last, Apple has given us the emoji our keyboards have been waiting for. iOS 10.2, which was previously only available to developers, is rolling out to everyone starting today with hundreds of new and redesigned emoji. A croissant! An avocado! Rock stars! Since there really are no words to describe how excited we are, it's a good thing there are plenty of new emoji to do the job for us.
This story originally published October 31, 2016.
Planning for Sunday brunch is about to get so much better. At long last, Apple is releasing brand-new and completely redesigned emoji, including avocado (avocado toast!), bacon, and croissant — as well as tons of careers for women (because we can be rock stars, too).
We first heard about these emoji back in June, when they were approved by the Unicode Consortium. Among the new professions are astronauts, mechanics, and doctors, and there's also the long-awaited selfie. As far as smileys go, you'll get a complicated ROFL, sneezing, and lying. There's also a nauseated face for when brunches are full of avocado toast and too many Bloody Marys.
When will they actually appear on your phone? Apple hasn't confirmed a date yet, but you can expect to see them in the coming months. The emoji are available in iOS 10.2, the beta of which is available for app developers to download today. Considering iOS 10.1 just launched for the rest of us, it'll likely be a few months before most iPhone users get these emoji on their phones.
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