Lebron James & His Turtlenecks, A Love Story

Photo: Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images.
Even if you don't know a whole lot about the NBA, chances are you have heard of the league's "Most Fashionable Player" Russell Westbrook, who doesn't just see every game as an opportunity to show off his style knowledge but has even collaborated with Barneys New York. Sure, Westbrook may be the king of bold, but why are we not paying more attention to King James? Before you get all We're paying a lot of attention to Lebron, he brought a freaking championship to Cleveland for the first time, ever, ask yourself: What is Lebron James' signature look? Exactly.
Listen: It's a big deal that his team is currently ranked first in the Eastern conference. We get that. But you know what's an even bigger deal? The fact that Lebron James has an unofficial off-court uniform (the same way that Kendall and Gigi and Selena do), and no one has noticed.
In the past few months, James has taken a page from the Steve Jobs playbook, subtly professing his love of the turtleneck by wearing one to a variety of events (seriously, he even wore one to the White House). Some may joke his infatuation with the piece is meant to take attention away from his apparently receding hairline, while others might assume it helps balance out his 6'8" stature. I, of course, am going to assume that Diane Keaton's character in Something's Gotta Give sits high at the top of his style icons list. Sorry, Vice, but I think James "dropping thousands at the Gucci store on seafoam turtlenecks and suits that make him look like a German tech magnate," is pretty freaking baller.
Anyway, the slideshow ahead is dedicated to King James and the love of his life: not the CLE. Not @ms_savannahrj. But the turtleneck. May they live together in happy, sweat-free eternity.

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