Every Gigi Hadid Outfit Has To Fulfill 3 Of These 5 Qualities

Everything’s coming up Gigi (which is a thing I’ve always wanted to say). Girlfriend just announced her second collection with Tommy Hilfiger (despite being asked to wear a poncho on his runway because she wasn’t thin enough — #WTF). She also recently fronted a campaign for Reebok, because athleisure. And a few weeks back, she designed a boot for Stuart Weitzman, the go-to brand for legions of model-y people. Also, this all happened within the past couple months. Is there anything our girl can't do?

Demand for a Hadid-inspired aesthetic is high, and that’s why we’re here to fulfill your dreams. Although not everything in life can be boiled down to a simple formula, most famouses' outfits can, and all Gigi looks tend to fulfill three of five particular criteria. And because it’s November and gloomy and you deserve joy, we’ve outlined all of them here. Let’s do this.
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1. Strong Coat Game
This one’s easy: Find a coat outside the traditional pea and/or trench spectrum, and wear it like there’s no tomorrow. This week, Gigi paired an Olivia Von Halle gray tracksuit (and Reebok sneakers — duh) with a sweeping white coat that upset noted germaphobe Matt Lauer. And earlier in the year, she turned heads in a bright-red Sally LaPointe duster, which I’ll never be finished talking about. Add her silver Tommy parka, fur-lined red leather jacket, and general zest for bombers, and you can’t get it wrong. Ultimately, choose a statement coat, wear it with anything, and revel in the majesty of endless compliments.
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2. Distressed Denim
I know that it’s getting cold, and fabric is valuable, but by embracing go-to look No. 1, you’ll avoid the cold-weather induced misery marathon of look No. 2. Thus, enter: distressed denim, a Gigi Hadid trademark — and another easy look to execute. Just remember that the key is balance. While last week she wore ripped jeans with a white blouse and oversized cardigan, at the top of the year she wore super-distressed pants with a white trench and black pumps. Meaning that like her preferred coat silhouettes, you’ve got a lot of wiggle room. You can keep the look casual with trainers, a hoodie, and denim jacket; or you can up the ante with heels and a trench coat, making the jeans a type of neutral that works with everything. Dare to dream.
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3. Leggings
Sometimes the world is a beautiful place in which everything is possible. And that’s something I like to remember in moments like this when I revisit Gigi Hadid’s blessed relationship with leggings. Because while they can be part of the athleisure spectrum (as evidenced by her affinity for Reebok bottoms), they can also be made with leather — or faux leather if you’re on a budget — and worn with anything from crop tops to sweaters to whatever your heart desires.

Which is something I think we all need to take a moment to celebrate: Gigi Hadid does not operate under a complicated style narrative. Her go-to pieces are ones that any of us can pick up and wear and apply subjectively, which is even better when you remember that nine times out of 10 she’s either in stretchy pants or baggy jeans, making half of every outfit easily executable. And that’s the best kind of outfit.
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4. Crop Tops
If anyone ever tells you that you can’t wear a crop top, you pick up their phone or computer, you dismantle it in front of them, and then you toss it into the sea. Anybody can wear a crop top. Any body (get it?) can wear a crop top. Crop tops are universal. They are wonderful and the best and they look good with the majority of pants, skirts, shorts, and combinations of the aforementioned. So there.

And of course, they’re also part of the Gigi Hadid style story. She’s worn them dressed down and with leggings, as a Brandon Maxwell cashmere sweater, and inside-out with lace. Which brings me to another point: You can always just make your own. Pick up an old vintage T-shirt, measure roughly, then cut it into whatever length you’re most comfortable with. But don’t blame me when that’s the only thing you choose to wear forevermore.
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5. Sporty, comfy, athletic — all of it.
Bless us, everyone, dormwear is back. But where we previously equated athletica with joggers or baggy T-shirts — which you still can, because who am I to say you can’t — 2016’s answer to athleisure is more streamlined and unapologetic. Gigi’s combined a cropped hoodie with leggings and running shoes, but she’s also an advocate of sweatsuits, sweatshirts, and all the sneakers in the world.

Which, of course, go with everything else. You can wear sweatpants with a fancy trench. You can wear sneakers with, well, anything. And you can embrace leggings as pants and dress them up with a crop top. The secret to Gigi Hadid’s style is her willingness to abide by her own set of rules, which arguably contradict the rules we’ve been bred to follow. (Never forget the yoga pants backlash of the early 2010s.) And that means that to get her look, you basically just have to do the same — in your own way, obviously.
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Let's observe the formula in action:

Strong jacket game? Check. Leggings? Check. Crop top? Check.
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Photo: Marc Piasecki/GC Images.
In this chic ensemble, the off-duty model rocks a pair of distressed denim, a crop top, and finishes it off with a floor-length coat.
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Photo: SMXRF/Star Max/GC Images.
It's the gym look copied 'round the world: bomber jacket, black leggings, black sneakers. Sporty and chic.
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Photo: SMXRF/Star Max/GC Images.
Wearing a crop top, comfy tennis shoes, and a long coat, Gigi proves she's got her formula down pat.
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Photo: Raymond Hall/GC Images.
In one of her less athleisure-inspired looks, Gigi pairs distressed denim with a crop top and trench coat. TBH, we're surprised to see her in heels for once.
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Photo: Josiah Kamau/BuzzFoto/ Getty Images.
Though Gigi's known for her signature bomber jacket, this oversized comfy coat is out of this world. And naturally, she paired it with leggings and athletic shoes.
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Photo: Raymond Hall/GC Images.
The athleisure queen pairs metallic leggings with an oversized black coat, and sneakers, resulting in a sporty "just back from the gym" look.
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Photo: Josiah Kamau/BuzzFoto/ Getty Images.
Though this photo was taken before Labor Day, Gigi shows us how we can wear white into fall. Her monochromatic outfit consists of a fuzzy crop top, cable knit leggings, and a sporty baseball cap.
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Photo: JMA/Star Max/GC Images.
Here, Gigi adds a new style trick to her book: Gym-to-night chic. She manages to look incredibly posh while wearing leggings, sneakers, and a bomber jacket, by pairing the sporty look with a sparkly choker and bold lipstick.

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