5 Steps To Kendall: A Look At Her Aesthetic Staples

Photo: Getty Images.
I’ll say it here and now, because I’m not afraid of being controversial: Kendall Jenner’s sense of style tends to be underrated, particularly when we’re talking about what she wears out and about, and not in fashion shows. (Because I’ll be serious: The day I wear actual Victoria’s Secret Angel wings is the same day I stop wearing XL T-shirts and PJ pants to bed — never.)
Between her casual looks, her mix of the fancy and everyday, and her super dressed-up numbers, you can’t help but pay kudos to her unique take on classics. If we’re being specific, girlfriend tends to opt for pieces that we mere mortals can also wear and wear with ease. And Kendall does a pretty good job of abandoning fashion norms for wearing whatever she wants — a.k.a., the perfect approach to style.
Just don’t blame me when half your wardrobe is made up of vintage tees for bands your mom and dad saw a bunch in the early '80s, or so many bomber jackets you actually try and justify not wearing a proper parka in the midst of the polar vortex. Click through for five pieces you need to channel your best Kendall Jenner life.

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