This Hidden-Rainbow Eyeliner Look Has Holiday Party Written All Over It

Photographed by Michael Dueñas.
Between unicorn makeup, spiral liner, and highlighter in every shade of the rainbow, this has been a banner year for whimsical beauty. We thought we'd seen it all — but photographer and celebrity hairstylist Michael Dueñas shared something amazing he created with celebrity makeup artist Kristee Liu.

Here's why it wowed us: While the full rainbow look you'll see ahead is certainly Instagrammable on its own, it also hides a special secret. When the eyes are open, the shadowed look appears to be a typical colorful smoky eye with a few graduated shades. But when the model's eyes are closed, the rainbow design is fully revealed. Call it rainbow hide-liner. Or think of it as a less permanent take on the hidden rainbow-hair trend.

We can’t think of a better way to cap a rainbow-centric year — or ring in the holiday party season — than with this fresh style. And that’s exactly the point. “The holidays are coming up and we wanted something that’s bright, cheery, and fun,” Dueñas says. Ahead, Liu shares her steps for getting the look at home, just as she did on model Megan Kennedy Cameron.

Bust out your favorite bright shadows and read on to cop the technique.

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