This Scented T-Shirt Is Made For When You’re Too Lazy To Shower

Finally, a fashion brand is acknowledging that some of us just don't always have time to shower. Hiro Clark's "I Woke Up Smelling Like This" T-shirt is scented so that you never actually have to smell the way you did when you woke up. The shirt, designed in collaboration with Le Labo, is made with Santal 33 perfume to spare you the effort of doing laundry as well as bathing. In fact, you probably shouldn't clean it much, since it's not guaranteed to keep its scent after six washes. It's a bit pricey at $128.00, but the time you save just may be worth it. According to The Cut's Kathleen Hou, the shirt delivers on its promise. "I received my 'I Woke Up Smelling Like This' T-shirt in the mail and the scent was so strong I could smell it through the box and the plastic bag it was wrapped in," she wrote. "Friends leaned in for more lingering hugs than usual, while telling me that I smelled 'fantastic.'" So, there you have it. This could be your opportunity to respond to a compliment Beyoncé-style with "I woke up like this."

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