How To Shower Without Taking One

That snooze button — such a blessing, such a curse. Sure, it allows us to hold onto another 10, 20, or (yay!) 30 minutes of sleep. But, once we finally face the day, we’re thrown head-on into a shame-inducing time crunch. What follows is a frantic decision tree where no outcome feels right: We can either grab a quick shower and be late for a meeting or skip the rinse, ping Uber, and get to work on time.
The good news is that missing a shower isn’t such a hygienic fail after all. According to Dr. Rosalyn George, a North Carolina-based dermatologist, our skin can actually use a break from daily washing. And, while missing your morning rinse can seem like a dirty little secret, it doesn’t have to feel that way all day long. Here are eight time-saving tips to freshen up, top to tail — no shower needed.

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