5 Accessories From The 2000s That Are Back & It’s Weird

As 2016 comes to a close, we find ourselves asking: Have we hit peak '90s nostalgia? Sure, the chokers and the hoodies-as-real-clothing and the slip dresses over T-shirts have been fun and all, but they also might be totally exhausted. That's why we're placing our bets on butterfly clips slowly edging out flannel and bringing the early-aughts back to life (what goes around comes around, you know?). This time, we're skipping the My So-Called Life grunge and instead channeling our inner Lizzie McGuire — meaning adult versions of accessories like power beads, friendship bracelets, and anklets might just find their way back into your jewelry box.
These new takes on '00s standbys will have you reminiscing about the days Mischa Barton was your style icon (miss you, Marissa Cooper). But, like Juicy Tracksuits and Ugg boots, it was only a matter of time until these items reappeared. Click through for five old-school trends we're adding back into our repertoire.

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