The Church Of SoulCycle Is Open If You’re Upset About The Election

The election has had a huge effect on Americans' mental health, with so many of us talking to our therapists about it and uncertainty and divisiveness abounding on social media. But, based on Twitter, the outcome of the election may also be affecting our physical health — potentially for the better.
People have been tweeting vociferously about how their gym time and exercise classes have become a powerful outlet for their anxiety. Since SoulCycle is known for creating a spiritual atmosphere and bringing people together, Americans in certain big cities (cough, New York) are voicing particular thanks for their church-like cycling class.
But please note: If a 45-minute spiritual cycling class isn't for you, even just a short walk is enough to get the endorphins moving and help you feel a little better about things. Meditation is another way to handle stress related to the election (or pretty much anything). Other ideas include de-stressing through aromatherapy or having sex. Really anything that helps you through the night (or the next four years) will do.
Click through to read some of the funny, relatable, and positive tweets.

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