Hey, Why Don’t You Go To The Gym Tonight?

Photographed by Jen Ingvarsson.
Look, it’s been a rough 24 hours. No matter how you feel about last night’s election results, I’m just venturing a guess that you’ve been through a bunch of emotional ups and downs. Maybe you didn’t sleep well. Maybe you had a little too much to drink. Maybe you, like me, ate four slices of Domino’s pizza in all of 15 minutes at lunch today. Do you perhaps want to hit up the gym tonight? To be clear: This is not about burning calories or about “making up” for “bad behavior.” It’s about returning to your body and taking care of yourself for a moment. It’s about enhancing your mental health. It’s about reminding yourself that you are strong, capable, and powerful. Even if things didn’t go your way last night, you are a freaking boss. And while the work is far from over, you can handle it. It doesn’t have to be intense — experts say that even a 10-minute walk can be beneficial for depression and anxiety. But if you feel like going into full-on beast mode and slamming some bars, more power to you. Whatever it is, get out there, get moving however you might be able. I can almost guarantee things will start looking a little better. Just an idea.

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