Can You Guess The, Uh, Very Unexpected Inspiration For This Collection?

Photo: Courtesy of Prabal Gurung.
For a while, it felt like Pokémon Go was all anyone could talk about. Its rise was as quick as its decline. But in one short summer, the game spawned everything from makeup tutorials to frappuccinos and even dating services. Naturally, apparel was the next step. But where we may expect merch (which, of course, already exists) to thrive, Prabal Gurung opted for ready-to-wear that definitely doesn't scream "gotta catch 'em all" at first sight.

Gurung got the go-ahead from Pokémon International to run wild with the likeness of his favorite characters. However, the connection between game and garment is probably only obvious to the very discerning eye (or Pokémon aficionado). Blink and you might miss it: While some of the product names explicitly call out Jigglypuff, the nine pieces are mostly just inspired by, say, Charmander's flames or Pikachu's pointed ears or Squirtle's silhouette — which then translate to a sparkly trim on a skirt, a tiny stitched print on a sweater, or a shadowy accent patch.

The capsule, which drops online and at Jeffrey New York today, is targeted at a younger clientele that Gurung perhaps hasn't quite tapped into before but who still enjoys (and, presumably, can afford) some pretty luxe threads, per the designer. We're willing to bet it'll also be a hit for anyone who once collected Pokémon cards and then grew up to be a contemporary-label shopper. (You'd be surprised...) Still, with prices starting at $325 for a T-shirt up to $1,795 for an embroidered dress, Prabal Gurung x Pokémon opens up a category of apparel that can best be described as "investment nostalgia." Hope you didn't spend too much on in-game boosts.

Ahead, we asked Gurung to assign one Pokémon to each of the head-to-toe looks. See who he sees wearing what in that universe, ahead.

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