Pokémon Makeup Is Real & It’s Spectacular

Pokémon Go has finally made its way into the makeup world. So it's made its way off of our smartphones, onto our faces, and then back onto our smartphones in the form of Instagram posts. We know, it's making our head spin too. There seem to be three distinct styles of Pokémon makeup (or Pokémakeup, or whatever you’d like to call it). The first, which Buzzfeed helpfully identified, is Pokémouth. This one is pretty simple. You put a Pokémon on your mouth. Like these, for example.

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The second style, which is more subtle and possibly more wearable IRL is Poké-eye. Here are some examples. We wouldn’t wear them to a job interview, but they seem awesome for hitting the town.
Then there’s the full-on face paint. This is the most extreme look of all. And we’re here for it. To be honest, this look is mainly Pikachus. Lots and lots of Pikachus.

?Since everyone's obsessed with Pokemon again, I thought I'd throw it back to my "glamorous Pikachu" look for y'all.

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Pokémakeup is like Pokémon Go except instead of catching all the Pokémon, you have to serve all the looks. We just made this up but it’s real now. Get to work.

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