That Was Fast: Goodbye, Pokémon Go

Photo: Courtesy of Poku00e9mon/ Nintendo.
The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long. That saying certainly seems true for the viral game sensation of the summer, Pokémon Go. According to data from SurveyMonkey, the game peaked in usage a week after it launched. And according to Google Trends, Pokémon Go popularity has steadily decreased since then. However, while U.S. users have grown tired of hunting the app's tiny monsters in the real world, people in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Indonesia are still eating it up. Pokémon Go is still considered the most successful mobile game launch, ever, and the crazy things that happened that first week after it launched surely attest to that. The good news about all of this is, if you're still playing the game, maybe — just maybe — you'll be able to achieve your dreams of Pokémon Go domination. For the rest of us, we'll finally be able to get some Pokémon Go peace and quiet. And, more importantly, not have to worry about literally running into players on the streets anymore.

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