These Memes Of Joe Biden Plotting White House Pranks Are Gold

Do you know what America needs after the last week? A good laugh. The good news is that Twitter is already making light of the situation. One Twitter user in particular, Josh Billinson, is making some of the best memes, ever. In the last week, Billinson — who goes by the handle @jbillinson — has been creating memes of President Obama and VP Joe Biden discussing Biden's imagined attempts to prank President-elect Donald Trump before he heads to the White House. The end result is pure Twitter gold.
He's got Joe Biden plotting some Home Alone-style pranking:
Then, there's all the memes of Biden trying to get Obama in on his pranking:
Biden's got a lot of tiny hands jokes:
Hillary makes a cameo in one:
There's also Biden giving Pence advice:
And, of course, Obama's doing his best to make a smooth transition for the new president-elect:
The memes have gone viral and Billinson, who is a photographer in D.C. according to his website, has become a bit of an internet celebrity. Are these memes strong enough to unite Democrats and Republicans? Who knows, but it's the first big laugh lots of people have probably had this past week. RELATED STORIES

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