20+ Photos Of Victoria Beckham That Say “Bring It On”

Photo: Getty Images.
Victoria Beckham is a ninja, and you can fight me on that. She's a working mother of four, spent her formative years singing the gospel of Girl Power, conquered L.A., and is now the champion of her own high-fashion label. So, it only seems right that we took a moment to highlight this warrior's magical, fantastical skills and abilities — namely, the fact that she is always watching.
Sure, being married to a world famous soccer star has its perks, and Beckham's post-Spice life includes spending a lot of time on the sidelines supporting her husband, David (and sometimes twinning with him). For us, that of course means a good amount of style moments, but also a handsome batch of paparazzi photos, that prove, like Doctor T. J. Eckleburg, Beckham has her eyes on you. Ahead, we've rounded up every time she was ready to pounce at any moment to protect her young, looked into the depths of a photographer's soul, and said, "Try me." Remember: Hell hath no fury like a Spice Girl scorned.

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