Those Awful Zippy Sweaters From The ’90s Have Made A Surprisingly Attractive Comeback

Photographed by Victoria Adamson.
Your civics teacher most likely wore them with square-toed loafers and sandblasted jeans. Your aunt had one in oatmeal, and she gave you a matching one in purple for the holidays once. They came in ribbed cotton, with racing stripes, and when you finally gave away your last one in 2002, it felt really, really good. But for those of you who might get donation remorse, stop reading right here.
Because, the front-zip sweater has made a surprising comeback. And, it's not surprising in the sense that it's a '90s trend that's swung back around (because that's almost a guarantee). It's surprising because of how cool it looks this time. Worn as a layering item or all by itself, the body-skimming O-ring knit is the furthest thing from dowdy, especially when you keep things simple and streamlined. Click through to see some examples of those sweaters in action — and mentally dog-ear this for the next time you're trawling through a thrift store (and maybe come across the one you yourself gave away).

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