Still Sad About Outgrowing Your Light-Up Shoes? We’ve Got Good News

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If you're someone who gets tickled by the sound of your own clack as you strut through an office lobby, then you'll probably be excited to learn that the market of light-up shoes is now adult-friendly. Yes, those shoes you had when you were just a wee thing that flashed with each step now come in Feezy form. Feezy, meaning, faux-Yeezy, a.k.a. passable to the untrained Yeezy eye. And they're too fun for their own good. Made by Dear-Queen and available on Amazon, these adult-sized light-up shoes are rechargeable via USB (meaning you can refuel them on-the-run using the dashboard of your babe mobile), and come in six different colors. As for those special effects on the soles, you can set them to flash in one hue, or alternate between two. All of this, of course, means that you can relive your childhood in today's techno age, all the while deciding which color corresponds to the level of childishness you're feeling that day. Got the blues? The Mean Reds? There's totally a color for that.
Photo: Courtesy of Deer-Queen.
The first time we saw light-up shoes was 1992, when technology was booming. Microsoft had just released Windows 3.1x; the first Nicotine patch was born, and AT&T had just come out with the "Videophone" for $1,499. But, alas, every first-gen innovation has its kinks to get worked out, and some reports of the faulty footwear deterred customers from strapping these shoe bombs onto their children's feet, because they contained mercury that could, well, implode. This even prompted Minnesota to pass a law banning them from being sold. But bells and whistles (and flames) aside, we're very much, all the way here for the evolution of light-up shoes. Because, hey, not all of us can pull off those self-lacing Back to the Future high-tops that resurfaced this summer. And these are only $29, which is like a street style peacocking goldmine. They're no L.A. Lights (which are still being sold), of course, but they're the closest thing we — or your own wearable tech-enthused kids — are going to get to being the coolest cats in the schoolyard again.

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