Private Jets Are Overrated — These Stars Fly Commercial

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All celebrities are not created equal. True, the bulk of them have great hair and symmetrical faces, but some of them actually have things in common with regular people, too. Case in point: celebs who fly commercial. Despite the long lines (okay, maybe they're not waiting in the lines), gawking travelers, and inevitable delays, there are still some stars who are willing to brave the airport instead of taking, say, a private jet.

And we’re not talking D-listers here. We’re talking Kim, Kanye, Angelina, and Suri Cruise. Nor are we suggesting that it’s all rainbows and first-class sprinkles for celebs on commercial trips, either. There are red-eye flights, coach seats, and even a few forcible removals. You know, all the stuff that makes airline travel so annoying for just about everyone. Stars — they really are just like us.

Read ahead for the A-list celebs who aren’t afraid to fly with the masses. And next time you board a commercial flight, keep your eyes peeled. You never know who might be sitting in the next row.
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Amy Adams
The award-winning actress famously traded her first-class seat with a U.S. soldier who was flying economy on a Delta flight to LAX. Once the news went viral and the internet went berserk, the Batman v. Superman star told Inside Edition that it was something she’d “always wanted to do.”
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Kim & Kanye
Looks like lavish social media uploads aren’t the only thing Kim K. is cutting back on these days. She and hubby Kanye were recently spotted on a — gasp! — economy flight to Armenia, and are also known to regularly fly JetBlue.
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Blake Lively
Although the A-List star often flies commercial with daughter James in tow, she recently complained to Jimmy Fallon that it’s “torture” because “every screen on the plane is showing my husband [Ryan Reynolds] in a sex montage with another woman.”
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Kendall Jenner
The supermodel Kardashian sister actually flew commercial to walk Paris Fashion Week in September. Never mind that her "momager," Kris, took a private jet (with boyfriend Corey Gamble) to attend the same events.
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Kate Middleton
To the shock of the commonwealth, the Duchess of Cambridge flew commercial from London to the Netherlands on her first solo trip abroad. And though she sat in the very first row and had a private car waiting for her on the tarmac upon arrival, she clearly had no problem letting flabbergasted fellow passengers snap a few pics as she boarded the plane.
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Kate Moss
The British goddess was removed from an EasyJet flight from Turkey to London last year for allegedly being "disruptive." Although no formal complaints or arrests were ever made, she reportedly called the pilot a “basic bitch” as she was escorted off the aircraft by police.
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Brad & Angelina (& Kids)
The former couple — who are parents to Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox, and Vivienne — blew the minds of commercial flyers everywhere when they flew the entire brood coach to their summer home in France last year.
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Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise
The A-List actress and daughter Suri, now 10 years old, notoriously fly commercial whenever they visit Holmes' parents in their hometown of Toledo, OH. Even cuter, the adorable duo is known to stop and shop at the local Target as they make their way home, because: 1. Duh, it’s Target; and 2. When in Rome!
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Jessica Alba
Looking for another reason to adore Jessica Alba’s travel style (besides her on-flight selfies)? Not only does the actress and mom to Honor and Haven prefer to fly commercial, she's been known to take a backseat in economy while her kids get the first-class treatment.
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Paris Hilton
After several first-class seat sightings over the years, the socialite admitted to the The Mirror that she “doesn’t mind flying commercial” because she’s totally “normal." Let's just hope she doesn’t follow in younger brother Conrad’s footsteps — he recently pleaded guilty to smoking pot on an airplane while threatening flight attendants and calling the other passengers “peasants.”
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Claire Danes
After scoring a Screen Actor’s Guild Award in 2011 for her role in Temple Grandin, Danes confided to Extra that she had to take a red-eye flight back to NYC that very same night — flying coach, no less. Angela Chase would be so proud.
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Caitlyn Jenner
Not only does Caitlyn Jenner like to fly commercial — and pose with attendants for pics — she’s also in the process of earning her official pilot’s license! Keep your eyes peeled, folks, because Captain Jenner might be commanding your next flight.
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Prince William
Much like his better half, Kate Middleton, the heir to the British throne flew commercial (and economy, no less) during a recent trip stateside. Even better, Anderson Cooper was aboard one of the flights and was more than happy to tweet about it.
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Sean “P. Diddy” Combs
When private-jet fuel prices to get too high for the mega-mogul, he puts his baller preferences aside and flies commercial. According to Diddy, a trip on his personal plane can cost upwards of $250,000, which means when the going gets tough, he’s “back on American Airlines” with the rest of us.
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Alec Baldwin
Of course, no list of celebrity commercial flyers would be complete without a shout-out to the OG, Alec Baldwin. The 30 Rock star was infamously removed from an American Airlines flight a few years ago, for allegedly playing Words with Friends during takeoff. Lucky for us, he kept his sense of humor throughout the debacle.
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