Private Jets Are Overrated — These Stars Fly Commercial

Photo: Jim Spellman/WireImage.
All celebrities are not created equal. True, the bulk of them have great hair and symmetrical faces, but some of them actually have things in common with regular people, too. Case in point: celebs who fly commercial. Despite the long lines (okay, maybe they're not waiting in the lines), gawking travellers, and inevitable delays, there are still some stars who are willing to brave the airport instead of taking, say, a private jet.
And we’re not talking D-listers here. We’re talking Kim, Kanye, Angelina, and Suri Cruise. Nor are we suggesting that it’s all rainbows and first-class sprinkles for celebs on commercial trips, either. There are red-eye flights, coach seats, and even a few forcible removals. You know, all the stuff that makes airline travel so annoying for just about everyone. Stars — they really are just like us.
Read ahead for the A-list celebs who aren’t afraid to fly with the masses. And next time you board a commercial flight, keep your eyes peeled. You never know who might be sitting in the next row.

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