This Kid’s Hillary Clinton Halloween Costume Is Amazing

To no one’s surprise, the presidential election inspired many costumes this Halloween weekend. Katy Perry was an early frontrunner for the best (or, at least, most involved) Hillary Clinton ensemble of 2016. But despite having a professional prosthetics artist transform the singer into the spitting image of her candidate of choice, she has at least one small but fierce competitor. Sorry, Katy: This 8-year-old boy might just take the cake for cutest HRC, proving you don't have to be eligible to vote to feel like Hillz.
On Sunday, Twitter user @DebbersGar posted a photo of her son's costume — and it quickly got the approval of Hillary for America. "Our 8-year-old son is with you, @hilaryclinton today and everyday," the Brooklyn-based mom wrote. Sporting a buttoned-up yellow jacket, pearl earrings, an “H” lapel pin, and a winning smile, this kid looked completely ready to hit the campaign trail. As if this costume could get any better, he swapped out a candy bag for what looks like a campaign-logo embossed ballot box. His mother was also quick to point out his hairdo was "#notawig," making the resemblance all the more uncanny. The mother later added some backstory via a follow-up tweet. Apparently, she originally dreamt up the pint-sized pantsuit for her 5-year-old daughter. She wasn't into it, but her 8-year-old brother was game. "Well, someone's gotta be Hillary!," he said according to the tweet.
Sure, Perry got Clinton's likeness down. But we’ve got to hand it to this kid for proving anyone — no matter age or gender — can don an extremely convincing Hillary costume this Halloween. Based on his early-onset political fervor, we’re betting he’s pretty bummed he has to wait another decade to vote. But, hey — maybe he'll be Hillary's next style inspiration.

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