Remember This Hot Topic Accessory? It's Back

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What once started as an accessory with loads of purpose — safeguarding biker's wallets (It can't go rogue when you pop a wheelie if it's connected to your pants, can it?) or keeping things in tow in a mosh pit or at a rave — the wallet chain, a style relic of the '90s, has returned. This time, however, it's more about form than actual function.

Instead of hooking one end of the chain to an actual wallet and shoving said wallet into the back pocket of your jeans, the 2016 version involves affixing one end of the chain to a belt loop above a front pocket and the other onto a belt loop over a back pocket. It adds just the right amount of edge to any outfit — just think how good it would look with mom jeans and a floral top.

If the chain intrigues you, but isn't quite your thing, there are other takes on the wallet chain that might tickle your fancy, too. In the slideshow ahead, you'll find wallet chains, wallets with chains (an important distinction), and keychains that all give your outfit that extra edge it needs. Time to dress up all those belt-looped bottoms.
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Let's start with your traditional wallet chain. Wear this with the keyring affixed to the back belt loop of your jeans and the other end on your front loop.

Hot Topic Gunmetal 24” Basic Wallet Chain, $8.72, available at Hot Topic.
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Wallet chain too much? If you're looking for a little something to hang from your front belt loop, here's a happy medium.

Alexander Wang Lighter Case Charm, $150, available at Alexander Wang.
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Turns out, this matte version can double as a necklace.

Zeckos Matte Finish Metal Chain Link Biker Wallet Chain, $14.97, available at Jet.
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If you want the real deal, pick up this Saint Laurent wallet with the chain already attached. The good news? Depending on your mood, you can use each piece on its own.

Saint Laurent Rider North/South Chain Wallet, $650, available at Saint Laurent.
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We like the look of this chunky, shiny link.

Amigaz Cut Leash Wallet Chain, $34, available at Amigaz.
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This piece is the entry point to wallet chains. It's enough metal, without totally taking over your look.

Uniform Experiment Key Ring, $53, available at What Drops Now.
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If you really want to go big or go home, try a double-strand option. This one will look especially good with some '70s-style flares or even a skirt with belt loops.

Spencers Double Row Wallet Chain Silver 24”, $19.99, available at Spencers.

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