Justin Bieber’s Hair Is So Different — Is He Even Justin Bieber Anymore?

Justin Bieber has been through a lot these past few months. There was the whole Sofia Richie drama that led him to deactivate (then reactivate, then re-deactivate) his Instagram account. He was photographed (twice!) wearing nada but his birthday suit. And now, he's stepping out with hair so different from his standard look, we're not even sure we know who he is anymore. That's right, the singer recently debuted a much darker, "brond" look, which to his credit, happens to be one of the biggest color trends for fall. While it's just one of Bieber's many style switch-ups as of late — he did rock some controversial dreadlocks this summer, after all — it's still shocking to see the star with such a dramatically different appearance. In an interview with Refinery29 this summer, his groomer Florido said these style changes come from the Bieb's, well, own head. "With Justin, it’s not like, ‘Oh, this is in, we’re doing this’ — he will literally throw me a curveball and be like, ‘I’m growing my hair’ or ‘Let’s shave it' or ‘Let’s color it.'" Another near-constant? The inevitable copycats that follow. "I just go with whatever he wants to do, and it always becomes a trend. It’s so weird to me. I forget that people look up to his style; I will see people with his hair at his concerts!" So, if history repeats itself, prepare to see many more fans wearing this look in the months to come. Or, at the very least, bike helmets.

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