Justin Bieber Will Not Be Outdone By Those Pics Of Orlando Bloom

Earlier this week, it was Orlando Bloom. Today, it's Justin Bieber. In the span of just a few days, nude photos of both Bieber and Bloom have surfaced online. Bloom was on vacation when he paddleboarded naked with Katy Perry. Bieber — no stranger to vacationing au naturel — recently rocked his birthday suit in the wild, too. The singer was photographed skinny dipping with model Sahara Ray.
Bloom's photos took the internet by surprise, but Bieber has gone full-frontal before. Fans responded accordingly:
On the surface, it seems like two random celebrities happened to have nude photos leaked in the same week. But what if this Bieber is playing the, er, long game? What if this is really an elaborate, Kim Kardashian-style slow burn of exposure? Bieber and Bloom have had a long-standing (ugh) beef for some time now. The drama boils down to exes: Bieber was spotted with Miranda Kerr. Later, Bloom was seen with Selena Gomez. In 2014, Bloom and Bieber exchanged punches, but the photos circulating online now might give their rivalry a second life.

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