Orlando Bloom Gets Naked In Public, Twitter Goes Nuts

Orlando Bloom must be a big Harambe fan, because he got his junk out when hopping on a paddleboard. What? That’s right, Legolas was fully nude paddleboarding with Katy Perry. Here, look.
This was actually a multi-step process. Bloom knew the paps were there, and he did it anyways. Or maybe because of. Celebs, you know?
Twitter’s reaction was predictably mature. Now seems like a good time to mention that Bloom once threw a punch at Justin Bieber allegedly because both had slept with Miranda Kerr. So maybe Bloom, jealous of Bieber’s nude pics, decided to show the world what he was working with. Many people gif’d their patience, waiting for the uncensored version to come out.
Others were more direct. Many quivered at the shadow cast by Legolas’ bow and arrow.
The man had his damn dong out, is what we’re trying to say.
Ok, everyone settle down.

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