This Bike Helmet Can Give You Perfect Hair For Every Ride

This just in: Two inventive designers have debuted a prototype helmet design, and it’s bringing a whole new meaning to “hat head." It's the most hilarious thing we've seen as of late, because really — when has a safety precaution ever been so beauty-minded? Not that we (or other people?) have noticed, but it turns out that the Lego-like plastic figures from Playmobil tend to rock some statement-making hair — as in, impeccably coiffed, teenage-heartthrob styles. And now, thanks to the ingenuity of a pair of MBA students and Danish design firm MOEF, you can mimic the 'do by simply strapping on a bike helmet.
Though designers Simon Higby and Clara Prior's intentions with the Playmobil protector may have been to create cool-looking gear that kids would be proud to wear, their prototype has found big love from all sorts of demographics on the internet. The Twitter-verse is blowing up with comments, opinions, and questions.
Older gents looking for a follicle boost are feeling this new form of helmet head, for one:
It’s also sparking major hair envy in some who don’t even own bikes:
While the creation is currently in prototype form only, co-creator Higby has challenged both Lego and Playmobil to put the piece into production. And like the rest of Twitter, we’re all for it: This design will not only elevate the concept of helmet head, but also bring us one step closer to embodying our favorite childhood toy.

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