Ellen Pompeo Does Not Condone Her Sex Scenes On Grey’s Anatomy

Photo: Mitch Haaseth/ABC.
If anyone has a right to judge Meredith Grey for some of her questionable choices, it is Ellen Pompeo. The actress has brought Dr. Grey to life on Grey's Anatomy for 13 seasons, many of which were filled with some cringeworthy decisions by her character. During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Pompeo took issue with Meredith, Riggs, and their choice of location for doing the deed. "Well, apparently they've had sex several times in a car — which is not something I can condone or advocate," she said, clearly as entertained as the rest of us with Meredith's behavior. Pompeo suggested that a hotel, or a least a bed, would make a better choice. But she knows better than anyone that, given the chance, Dr. Grey is going to choose the most complicated, bumpy, pothole-riddled road to love or happiness. This also isn't Grey's first time doing it in a car: remember when she and Derek were busted by Miranda way back in season 1? Pompeo also made it clear that neither she nor showrunner Shonda Rhimes are focusing on an exit plan for the actress or the series. According to Pompeo, Grey's Anatomy, even after 13 seasons, is the top-rated drama on ABC. The actors that remain from the first season — Pompeo, Justin Chambers, Jim Pickens, and Chandra Wilson — are a tight-knit group. They enjoy the work and they are having fun doing it. Pompeo is grateful for the opportunity and for the work. She recognizes how special the show and its success are in the changing landscape of television. She makes a joke in the interview saying she doesn't want to kill the golden goose, instead, "I want to put a leash around it and take it everywhere with me."

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