Grey's Anatomy Recap: Here's To The Future

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Grey's Anatomy is back, and it's kicking off this week's episode with a Hamilton reference. Well, kind of. Technically, when Webber offers to be Bailey's spy à la Hercules Mulligan, it's really an American history reference, but still.

Bailey is in the market for a spy because three of her doctors are heading to court, and people are taking sides. Will there be Team DeLuca and Team Karev T-shirts?

Despite being scheduled for a court date after beating an intern to a bloody pulp, Alex Karev has not been fired and continues to practice medicine all morning. But that's fine, because Grey's doctors are distracted about 75% of the time. In court, Alex is charged with a felony, because since he's one of the handful of remaining characters we actually care about, the stakes need to be high. After court, Bailey calls him into her office to yell at him, but still doesn't fire him.

Elsewhere in the hospital, baby Harriet is ready to be discharged, but April still has to stay. She is a sobbing mess (it's good to have theatrical April back instead of genuinely devastated April).

During Amelia's rounds, Jo isn't enthused about her superior discussing "beating the crap out of" a tumor named Wilma. Amelia assumes she has a little PTSD from the Karev-DeLuca attack, since she's still in the dark about Jo's abusive marriage. To try to cheer up Jo, Amelia invites her to a super-uncomfortable dinner party that includes Riggs (whom her husband hates), Maggie (who wants to sleep with Riggs), and Meredith (who has already slept with Riggs). The party is as awkward as expected, especially after Mer tells Riggs to shut her sister down when she asks him out.

Jo and Karev bump into each other outside the shindig, and Karev, feeling those post-felony-charges-blues, says he wants her back. Jo, however, is having none of it, correctly pointing out that when Karev feels he's been wronged, he turns into a real jerk.

Jackson suggests April and Harriet move in with him while April recovers, and his ex agrees to consider it. Japril lives (probably)!

After really screwing up a patient's case (the poor kid almost lost his kidney), Karev is reassigned to the clinic, which he accepts fairly gracefully. I guess it's okay if he's distracted while assisting the clinic patients? And in more relationship woes, Maggie finally works up the courage to ask out Riggs, only to be swiftly rejected. Unfortunately for Meredith, her sister is still holding out hope Riggs could change his mind. Tune in next week to see Karev work in the clinic named after his ex-wife's first love!


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