Fans Are Having A Field Day With Rory Gilmore Engagement Theories

After the initial excitement about the release of a new poster for Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life wore off, the show's notoriously devoted fan base got to work dissecting its meaning. Notice anything about the new poster? No, not the giant coffee mugs. There's no news there. Take a closer look at Alexis Bledel's left hand. Rory is not wearing a wedding ring. What does that mean? Does is mean Rory isn't engaged to Dean, Jess, or Logan? Does is mean anything at all? To deal with the confusion, fans took to the comfort of social media. In reply to the original tweet, one person straight-up asked, "Is this you telling us that Rory isn't engaged/married?"
Over on Reddit, the discussion boards took a shot at decoding the might-be-a-secret-message message. "But Rory..." one user reasoned after dismissing any clues, because the poster show's Lauren Graham/Lorelai's right hand.
The lack of a ring didn't deter everyone who was hoping for a Rory/fill-in-the-blank engagement. You can still keep hope alive for that Stars Hollow wedding if you're on Team Dean, Logan, or Jess. In other words, the ring exists, we just can't see it, suggested one poster who says Rory's ring is just out being sized.
Finally, playing the voice of reason, someone pointed out that show creator Amy Sherman-Palladino has already confirmed that Rory is single at the beginning of the series' new run.
Hey, you know what they say: Sometimes, coffee is just coffee. Okay, maybe nobody says that, but it might be true in this case. Even so, it won't stop fans from speculating.

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