Cryptic Gilmore Girls Photo Will Make Fans Of Rory & Dean Happy

It goes without saying that every morning we wake up rejoicing that it's one day closer to the premiere of the new season of Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life on Netflix. It doesn't make the wait any easier when the official Instagram for the revival is posting photos that tug at our heartstrings, and their most recent throwback is no exception.

First kiss. First crime.

A photo posted by @gilmoregirls on

While the picture doesn't show any of the characters, it's the perfect representation of one of the biggest parts of the show: Rory's love life, whether that be with men or with books. Specifically, the image pays homage to Rory and Dean by showing a simple shelf of iconic titles. In the middle of great works like Anna Karenina and Northanger Abbey sits a box of corn starch, which true fans will know is actually really important. For those who may have forgotten, Rory and Dean first kissed when Rory was pretending to be in the market buying a box a corn starch. Although a lot of drama unfolded between the couple in subsequent seasons, this sweet symbol is a reminder of happier times. However, the fact that they're bringing it up again these many years later suggests that the past may not be entirely behind them. After all, a year in the life of a Gimore Girl has proven to be fraught with ups and downs, and this one will likely be no exception. We'll find out why on November 25th.

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