These 5 Things Prove Rihanna Has Officially Put Drake In The Friend Zone

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We've all had that one hopelessly romantic guy friend. You know, the one who is a textbook knight in shining armor. Despite his most persuasive efforts, he just isn't your type. Perhaps his personality is a bit dull or he's too cheesy for your tastes. Still, it's quite the ego boost to know you've got him wrapped around your finger.
There is obvious chemistry sizzling between Drake and Rihanna that suggests the pair are more than just friends. But much to Drake's frustration, they've never officially come out as a couple. We wouldn't exactly call Drake dull or cheesy. In fact, as one of the most successful rappers in the world, it's fair to say he has a vast selection of women he can choose from. Rihanna, however, has that magical lure that's kept him on the hook for years. The cat-and-mouse game that's been playing out between them since 2009 continues — and to our dismay, it appears that Drake has once and for all been friend-zoned.
Here are the signs.

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Ed. note: An earlier version of this story referred to Rihanna as "Bahaman," when she is from Barbados.

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