14 Times Rihanna Proved She Was The Baddest In The Game

Photo: IBL/REX/Shutterstock.
At this stage in the game, Rihanna really should require no introduction. But just so we're all on the same page: She's a boss. She's ballsy. She plays by nobody's rules but her own. And she's got a whole Navy standing behind her. For all those reasons and plenty more, she also happens to be the Queen of the VMAs this year. Get it, girl.
In preparation for a Bad Gal RiRi-studded evening, we rounded up more than a dozen of her most uncensored and jaw-dropping moments, both on and off the stage. And yes, we are fully aware that she sometimes pulls off 10 of these stunts on any given day. But these are her most iconic of all time, so prepare yourself for Rihanna in full-on renegade mode.
Cheers to you and your epicness, Ri. We know you'll be enjoying your celebratory glass of wine (to go, of course)!

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