What Kimye Was Busy Doing While Beyoncé Was Blowing Our Minds Onstage

Photo: Matt Baron/REX/Shutterstock.
On Sunday night, Beyoncé took the VMAs stage with an incredible Lemonade medley that stole the show. Viewers were blown away by her performance. All of Madison Square Garden was fixated on Bey. Everybody, that is, except for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.
MTV's live camera feed showed the couple chilling backstage during Beyoncé's performance. And just what were they busy doing? Sitting in silence and looking at their phones, of course. (Not even SnapChatting!) We just don't understand. Did they not know Beyoncé was onstage? Have they seen her perform enough times already and are pretty much over the whole thing? Maybe they both had migraines. Or was Kanye just exhausted from his speech and in major need of some recovery time?
We're sure their good friend Bey will forgive them for this egregious snub. But seriously, who elects not to watch Queen B slay? The one and only Kimye.
Photo: Courtesy of MTV via UsWeekly.
Photo: Courtesy of MTV via UsWeekly.

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