This Is What 100 Layers Of Eyebrow Products Look Like

Enter the phrase “100 layers” into a web search, and you’ll be bombarded with a seemingly endless supply of videos featuring crusty lipstick, shellacked nails, and horrifying mounds of wax. For some reason, the internet has exploded with videos of individuals attempting to layer on piles and piles of product — 100 layers, to be exact. Why? Your guess is as good as ours, but suffice it to say the results are hilarious...and sometimes disgusting. While we've seen our fair share of makeup and body products represented online, brow products seem to be missing, so in an attempt to fill the void, two R29 staffers volunteered as tribute. Together, they powered through 100 layers of brow pomades, pencils, and powders. Oh yeah, and then they attempted to take it all off (using only wipes, mind you). In the video above, check out the painstaking process as Michael and Whembley attempt to answer the question: Can your brow game be too strong? And while you're at it, follow us on Snapchat Discover for more videos like this.

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