This Is What 116 Coats Of Nail Polish Looks Like

For some people (ahem, myself), waiting for two coats of polish and a topcoat to dry is pure agony. But one beauty vlogger had the patience to wait for not two, not three, not four...but 116 coats of nail polish to dry. Yes, 116 coats. Vlogger Cristine behind Simply Nailogical decided to take on her commenters' challenge and apply a coat of almost every single nail-polish shade she owns, Cosmopolitan reports. The tenacious beauty lover started the project at 9:47 a.m. — and wrapped up more than 14 hours later, at 12:07 a.m., taking breaks only for Starbucks, cereal, and a little cat playtime. By coat 70, things were looking pretty gnarly.
Still, Cristine powered through, eventually deciding to let each layer dry before proceeding for maximum impact. It worked. The resulting #polishmountain is an epic feat of endurance, a Guinness World Records contender, and, honestly, a little gross-looking.
Luckily, Cristine used a peel-off basecoat, which made taking off the whole shebang slightly easier than putting it on. Watch below to see the whole horrifying amazing process.

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