Here’s The 100 Layers Of Liquid Lipstick Video Nobody Asked For

We should've seen this coming, really. After one beauty vlogger decided to have a go at applying 116 coats of nail polish, the challenges were bound to multiply from there. Honestly, we're surprised they didn't start rolling in faster, but alas, the time has come. The latest "WTF" experiment involves a product that's become overwhelmingly popular thanks to one Kylie Jenner — liquid lipstick. Beauty vlogger Cerise 1307 decided to try her hand at applying 100 (no, that extra zero is not a typo) layers of the quick-drying, matte lipstick formula. Things start off fairly normally, though we suppose normal is relative in this case. Cerise pauses to weigh in at five lipsticks, and, dare we say, the result is a pretty, nude-ish pink — the perfect everyday shade. "Only 95 to go!" she exclaims. That's when things start to get weird. Halfway through, her lips are a pastel purple, noticeably thicker (hey, that's one way to fake fillers), and, as you can probably imagine, the stuff is all over her teeth. But the show must go on! "Guys, guys, we did it," she declares once she's crossed the 100-layer finish line. "This is so disgusting." (At least she's aware.) The final shade is still in the purple range, and she's got that dark, '90s lipliner thing going on — along with some not-so-chic crust. Some commenters voiced their concern for all the poor doe applicators (RIP), which likely became stained with the previously applied colors, but we're more worried about how she took off all that lipstick. After all, one shade of liquid lipstick is a pain in the ass to remove, never mind 100. Cerise, get back to us with your favorite makeup remover — we're gonna take your word on it.

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