Taylor Swift Makes Gold Medal Return To Twitter

Update: The United States Gymnastics team noticed Swifts sweet note and responded amazingly. Obviously they were over the moon to be the recipients of Taylor Swift's return to Twitter, and their reactions prove it. First, their coach sent an amazing picture.
Then the individual women thanked Swift.
Aly Raisman said they should go shopping.
But mostly they were just grateful.
So which is better: Olympic gold or a T Swift tweet? We're going gold, but just barely.
Original article to follow.
Good news everybody, Taylor Swift is back on Twitter after getting immolated, raised from the dead, and then thrown off a pier by Kim Kardashian. She’s been poking toes into the social media waters with Instagram Stories, but until we all collectively decide that that’s a real thing (and not an extremely elaborate engagement present from Evan Spiegel to himself to prove that he’s Instagram’s daddy), those don’t count. So what would her first tweet back be? A searing repudiation of the Kim-Kanye diad? An appreciation of Jared Leto’s star turn in Suicide Squad? Well, it’s an anodyne congratulations to the women of the U.S. Gymnastics team. That’s disappointing. Maybe she’s hoping that someone will look at this and give her the same deal given to Leslie Jones. Or maybe she just loves gymnastics. We look forward to her next tweet, when she congratulates the WNBA All-Star Game MVP. It should be dropping sometime in the next two years.

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