Can You Guess What Taylor Swift's First Instagram Story Is About?

Instagram's new stories feature has drawn plenty of comparisons to Snapchat, but that hasn't stopped celebrities from getting onboard. One of the feature's early adapters is Taylor Swift, who shared a video to the social media site on Tuesday.

Swift's video, which takes place on her bed, features her cat Olivia Benson leaning back on its hind legs and raising its paws. The clip also features narration from Swift about her pet being "more like a squirrel" than a cat.

While the video may seem innocuous enough, some are taking it as a hint that she's done talking about her beef with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian over West's song "Famous." The pop star's been less active than usual on social media after the incident — her most recent tweet is from July 18 and includes a screenshot about Kardashian's Snapchat post. And her only Instagram post since then is a photo of her with Selena Gomez, in honor of Gomez's 24th birthday.

After entertainment outlets seemed to turn against Swift, the video could be a clever attempt at reclaiming the narrative surrounding her public persona.

Or, you know, Olivia is just another cute internet cat, and Swift just wanted to share the adorableness with the world.

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