Cher Is Fabletics’ Latest (& Funniest) Unhappy Customer

Celebrity feuds are completely taking over the media cycle this week, but there's another feud unfolding that you might have missed. On Monday, Cher threw some shade at Kate Hudson's Fabletics brand. See, following a not-so-great introduction to the brand, the icon did just what many frustrated shoppers before her have done: She took to Twitter to vent about it.
It seems Cher was stumped by the very process of signing up for the service, which requires you to fill out a style and personality quiz. What this means, though, is that Fabletics "won't let [you] see anything till you give them [your first] born," according to Cher's tweet. While she didn't go into more detail, the performer certainly found a community of equally pissed-off customers on social media. If anything, the part about her feeling like she "was being conned" seemed to have resonated. Hudson co-founded the fitness-clothing company in 2013, and it's been divisive pretty much since the beginning. Despite the brand announcing an aggressive growth plan in February, which includes 75 to 100 new retail locations over the next few years, according to Forbes, public opinion of Fabletics hasn't improved much. At the center of the public's dismay is its seemingly innocuous subscription program. For $39.95 or $49.95 a month, members have access to discounted workout gear — "outfits starting at $25 for new VIP members," it touts on its website. The caveat? If you forget to go on the website within the first five days to "skip" a particular month, you'll be charged a fee anyway. This opt-out policy might sound simple enough (if still kind of annoying). But customers have long complained about how difficult it is to truly, successfully cancel a subscription. (You don't have to dig deep for proof of this — just check Fabletics' Twitter replies.) This business model has long been the subject of criticism, according to Business Insider, with Fabletics' parent company, JustFab, having to deal with ample customer ire. However, following reports from BuzzFeed News and Huffington Post that revealed the extent of the complaints against the company (which has remained profitable nonetheless), Fabletics made some changes to improve the shopping experience, such as introducing online cancellations and around-the-clock customer service.
It's certainly making a proactive effort to quell criticism: While Cher didn't tag the brand in her tweet, Fabletics was quick to respond to the very public complaint. "We LOVE you [Cher]," the brand's account wrote. "Please know our quiz is to personalize shopping and so we can eliminate waste by only creating clothing people want." (An even longer reply can be found here.) Shawn Gold, corporate marketing officer of JustFab, told StyleWatch that he "[wishes] he could turn back time" to explain this ethos to Cher. (Very cute.) Still, this is a pretty relatable installment of "Stars: They're Just Like Us," in which we're all lured by the promise of a steadily replenished supply of moderately priced leggings.

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