Mermaid Tights Let You Channel Your Inner Ariel

Colorful trends often come in the summer. From tie-dye hair to rainbow eyebrows, it's clear that the crazier the trend, the more likely it is to hit your summer wardrobe. Those who want to channel The Little Mermaid can also join in on the brightly colored summer fun. Mermaid tights are the latest craze dominating Instagram — and they're one of the more eccentric trends we've seen. The bold and fun tights include material meant to look like real scales that can be placed near the ankles or at the top of the thighs. The scales come in multiple colors, so you can don everything from electric blue to pastel pink. Plus, they're flexible, so you can wear it under a skirt or even as lingerie if you and your partner want to swim down that path. Etsy is selling the tights for $72.51, which is quite steep, but no price can be put on channeling your inner sea queen. Ariel would be proud.

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