Here’s What Zayn & Gigi Hadid’s Relationship Is Really Like

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Zayn and Gigi Hadid are the subject of endless are-they-or-aren’t-they internet speculation. First, they broke up. Then, as The Ronettes suggest one does, they made up. Or maybe they never broke up in the first place. Truly, the celebs contain boundless mysteries. But do we know what their lives were truly like? We don’t, except for brief curated flashes of them on vacation or being #couplegoals. Thanks to a recent profile in Paper, we now have a brief glimpse into what it’s like when they’re left to their own devices. First, they take horse riding lessons. "Because my girlfriend rides a little bit," Zayn tells Paper. "Actually, that's an understatement. She rides very well, and she has since she was a kid. She wants me to do it with her, and I'm not good. But I'm learning, and it's fun. My first lesson was on a really old horse that didn't move very much, so it wasn't that scary. She was on the other horse, the one that moved a lot more. She was jumping over hurdles and I just sat there like, 'Ok, this is freaky.'" He says that, although he acknowledges his status as a sex symbol, he prefers to spend time alone at home. "I don't really enjoy going out too much and partying," Zayn tells Paper. "I like to have my own time and be at home, and I kind of need a partner with me to do that. I just like the security of that. It feels good to me. It feels right." He says that he and Gigi have something in common with a certain Netflix-loving dog. "Netflix and chill,” Zayn tells Paper. “Yeah, we do that a lot." So there you have it. Gigi and Zayn are the couple that doesn’t really go out ever and, when they do, it’s to ride horses. If you were friends with Gigi or Zayn you would say things like, “Yeah whenever they get into a relationship they just disappear.” Or you might invite them to brunch and they’d say they’re feeling kind of sick and then you see on their Snap story that they’re out jumping fences. Pretty messed up of them.

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