This Dog Is Addicted To Watching Netflix (Yes, There’s Video)

Dogs are descended from wolves. Humans bred them to be loyal, good hunters, and sometimes just cuddly. But they came from wolves. Remember that as you’re reading the rest of this article. For example, here is a pack of wolves hunting a buffalo.
Look at the power, the speed, the coordination. The whole pack moving as one. As beautiful as it is terrifying, like a Jack London novel come to life and deployed to take out big mammals. Anyways, there’s this dog that’s addicted to watching Netflix. His name is Chiko, he’s a shiba inu (like the one from the meme), and he’s basically a New Yorker on a brunch drunk at 2 p.m. Here, look at him. Wolves, Netflix-addicted meme dog.
Owner Olesia Kuzmychova tells Metro UK that she started setting up a TV for him to watch when she left the seven-month-old home alone while she went to work. “The next thing, I noticed he started watching whole movies whether I was sat there or not,” Kuzmychova tells Metro UK. “For the first month I was completely surprised. I know some dogs like to watch TV, but not hours like him. But now it’s completely normal to me.” The dog, the direct descendant of an apex predator that once faced off against Liam Neeson in a major motion picture, sits up in his chair like a person.
It’s very cute. We don’t know yet if the dog is available for watch parties, but we will be sure to let you know if that’s the case.

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