30+ Gifts For Dads That Are Cooler Than Dad Jokes

Photo: Courtesy of MATCHESFASHION.COM.
Let's get real for a second. It's time to show our dads some love. Like, a lot of love. Because if we're really being honest, that one (official) day out of the year when we're supposed to celebrate them doesn't come close to honoring all the dad jokes they enrich our lives with day in and day out. Some gems: "R.I.P., Boiled water. You will be mist," and "A big cat escaped its cage at the zoo yesterday. If I saw that, I'd puma pants."
If you're looking for stereotypical guy stuff (grills, tech, golf clubs, what have you), you'll have to look elsewhere. But we've got your fashionable father covered. The slideshow ahead contains pretty much everything your dad could need to go from Step-Dad Gary to Raymundo Rocket in about three clicks. We're talking sneakers, board shorts, athleisure, and even a skateboard — things your dad may not think he needs, but will most definitely love.