Is This The Next Big Thing In Lingerie-Inspired Dressing?

Photo: Team GT/GC Images.
Last week, Gigi Hadid wore a corset on The Tonight Show. The internet, of course, had opinions about it. Mostly, the response was approval (is there any trend Gigi can't convince us to test-drive?) undercut with a sense of foreboding: Brace yourselves, because the corset may keep cropping up.
Truth is, it has been coming — let’s not forget that Olivier Rousteing sent corseted pieces and other styles with tightly cinched waists down the Balmain fall 2016 runway (which, whether intentional or not, alluded to his Kardashian muses' hourglass figures). Shortly after, Kim wore two corsets in the same day while on vacation in Cuba — a white one for day and a black one post-sunset, of course. Hadid's stylist, Monica Rose, is a friend and frequent collaborator of the Kardashians, so whatever the family is into style-wise is bound to appear in her client's wardrobes. Completely separate from the Kardashians or Rose and her buzzy client roster being down with corset detailing, Rihanna stepped out in a vintage Chanel dress with — you guessed it! — a laced-up torso.
So, we have three totally different takes on this centuries-old garment on three celebs with strong trendsetting (and trend perpetuating) track records. Could this be the next chapter in the innerwear-as-outerwear moment? We tend to like a little more breathability in our spring clothes — so consider us skeptics.
Ahead, check out a trio of very-right-now takes on the modern corset, whether you’re incredulous or into it.