People Are Obsessed With These Rainbow Lashes

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Take a seat, rainbow highlighter: You're old news in internet time. You can also move aside, rainbow eyebrows — your 15 minutes of fame are up. Taking your places is a new trend: #RainbowLashes. The technique took off after a gorgeous shot from Glamour Paris started making the rounds on Instagram, but it's by no means an entirely new idea. As anyone who's visited the Halloween store during the month of October will tell you, false rainbow lashes (like these) are pretty much a staple. This particular style is a bit more wearable, though. You can re-create it in a few different ways — the most popular being strategically placed multi-colored mascara. Just take a look below... Tell us this isn't mesmerizing.

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You can even match your rainbow brows to your lashes.
Rainbow extensions work, too.

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Whichever technique you choose, the results are bound to be beautiful.

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