This Instagram Illustrator Understands Life Perfectly

Every once in awhile you run into a perfect Instagram. Sometimes it’s great fashion, other times it’s #FoodGoals, and sometimes it’s just plain addicting.

Julie Houts’ Instagram
falls somewhere in the latter category. Her illustrations are weird but speak to us in ways that we can’t explain. Maybe there’s just some deep part of us that identifies with Houts’ slightly antisocial heroines. And maybe it’s just that they’re great images that have us saying, “Yes.” But Houts’ Instagram does what all great art does: It makes us feel seen. And, in this case, drawn. There’s something about seeing your own somewhat private impulses shown back to you. "Holy crap," you think. "I thought I was the only one."

We’ve picked out a few great images, but the whole thing is worth a read-through. And a follow. Follow this woman, is what we’re saying.
This guide to ghosting is literal and metaphoric perfection.


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Nobody can stop being insanely weird as the third wheel.

where are we going now guys 💑👹 #featherearring #thumbring #mylizard #whatsyoursign #platformflipflops

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A great Townes Van Zandt song, an equally great illustration.

Behind the music, a classic buddy story, you'll laugh you'll cry 😛😛🐎🔫🍻®™

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We all need to unleash our sleaze sometimes.


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We think we may have been on this date.

lol bye 👤

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