Just When You Thought The Jeans & White Top Combo Couldn’t Get Any Better…

We're always looking for new ways to approach our wardrobe — whether it's rethinking what we already have in our closets or taking a measured stab at new trends. But certain combinations are tried and true (i.e. pretty impossible to mess up). Parings so familiar, they can kind of feel like a cop-out. That doesn't mean we should totally nix classic combos, though, as Solange Knowles proves this week. She rejiggered one of those no-fail ensembles, and the result is pretty awesome. Now, Knowles' wardrobe is perhaps best known for its impressive, rainbow-esque range of hues. But the artist pared it back on Tuesday evening, rehashing the most textbook of outfit formulas: a white T-shirt plus jeans. Of course, it wasn't your typical cotton crewneck thrown on top of light-wash skinnies. After all, this is Solange Knowles we're talking about — she's practically perfected the art of the fashion moment. She wasn't about to stick to convention.
Photo: Michael Kovac/Getty Images.
So Knowles took the predictably cool — but not try-hard — route, and switched up the silhouettes of both pieces. For starters, she swapped a tired tee for a low-cut cropped blouse with draped, flared sleeves from Milly. The jeans? Those are Rachel Comey. The designer is absurdly prescient when it comes to denim trends, and thus, these pants aren't in a shape we've seen before. They've got a cropped hem, wrapped front, and dropped crotch. On paper, it sounds like a lot going on in one garment — but maybe it's Knowles' styling (or the mere fact that it's her) that makes all these elements feel so, so right. As for the footwear, Knowles was snapped en route to a Teva event, so it's not surprising she's wearing the brand's signature sandals. We're not mad about the ultra-comfortable choice of kicks at all: Practical footwear, incorporated into a super-chic outfit we could realistically copy? Summer, come at us; we'll be over here getting our least conventional jeans and, insanely walkable shoes, and most interesting white tops ready.

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